Vusumzi Mcongo

Vusumzi Mcongo
Vusumzi Mcongo - ex-political prisoner on Robben Island
Vusumzi Mcongo and family on Robben Island
Vusumzi Mcongo and son at the beach
Vusumzi Mcongo and son at lighthouse on Robben Island

...was jailed in 1978 at the age of 24, almost simultaneously with Sindile's release from the island. Because of his activities in the SASM student movement he was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

We expected anything to happen. You can be taken at night, and be killed at night. They can do anything with you at night

So many whites have been missed, and have been missed by their own leaders

Vusumzi, too, returns to the fateful place each day. Today, Vusumzi works at the harbour in Cape Town, from where the boats still leave for Robben Island like they used to in former days. When the last boat for the island leaves the harbour at 4:30 PM, he is on board. A few years ago, he relocated his family from their hometown of Port Elizabeth, which is 500 miles away. Today he lives on Robben Island together with his wife and his two children.