Crew 4 You production GmbH Presents - A film by Marc Köbler

Crew 4 You production GmbH Presents - A film by Marc Köbler
Robben Island - Visitor Centre
Robben Island - Maximum Security Prison
Robben Island - Prison Door
Robben Island - Watch Tower

20 years after the end of apartheid people in South Afirca welcomed the football world cup to their country.
Do you remember how it felt in South Africa in the sixities, up to the early nineties ? Freedom fighters being prosecuted and put into jail without trials. Protest marches all around the globe calling for sanctions against the oppressive regime. In the end the freedom fighters' strength and patience are successful, and the regime gives up and admits free elections. Nelson Mandela, after so many years in prison in Robben Island, is elected president. What a change !

Retrospect: Robben Island, South Africa. Its most prominent prisoner: Nelson Mandela.
What was this country like during the hard times of apartheid ? The film documentary BACK HOME tells the story of three ex-prisoners.
Three men who every day come back to live and to work on the island which changed their lives as well as the life within South Africa.

Their attitudes and motives surprise. They have lived different lives but they are united: united by an island, a land, and an ideal.
These are topics which are not only relevant for South Africa.
The birth place of this nation is Robben Island. Learn and understand how this nation overcame apartheid and made peace between white and colored and black people.

Make yourself familiar with the history of this country. Get to know the roots of the New South Africa.


Tata Elias Mzamo



A coproduction of Crew 4 You GmbH and Marc Köbler supported by Robben Island Museum & UMC - Robben Island Mayibuye Archives, Cape Town.


| South Africa / Germany 2004 | Colour | 115/90/59 min. | Digital Betacam |
| now available as DVD / video | 16:9 | Stereo | English |

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